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SignalSamurai – The Most Precise Binary Options Trading Signals

Trade with SignalSamurai, increase your profit rate and become a successful trader! SignalSamurai is the best binary signal provider in financial markets that will increase your profits in no time. This amazing signal provider is delivering great results from the first day of trading with SignalSamurai and puts the user in the first place. Sign up for FREE and find out why SignalSamurai is taking binary trading signals to a whole new level!

SignalSamurai Features


SignalSamurai provides you with binary options trading signals for FREE and without any additional costs. All you have to do is sign up and watch the signals being delivered to you, without worrying that trading will end up costing you more than you profit.

SignalSamurai doesn’t charge any transaction or membership fees to its users!

No Downloads

SignalSamurai traders don’t have to worry about downloading and installing any special software, as this signal provider requires no download. Simply log in and start receiving signals. It is that easy!

SignalSamurai allows you to implement binary signals in your trades placed with your favorite broker immediately on the dashboard. Trade with SignalSamurai anytime, anyplace and from any device, you have available.

Safe & Reliable

SignalSamurai binary signal provider company was founded by Kinjo Oda, a financial expert who worked on a Tokyo Stock Exchange for over a decade. All signals are live, which means traders get a notification in the right moment, without delay.

SignalSamurai generates signals based on the special algorithm developed by Kinjo Oda and delivers them on a user-friendly interface.

SignalSamurai - Story About Your Financial Success

SignalSamurai is the most profitable and lucrative strategy for using signals in binary options trading that ever appeared in the binary options industry. SignalSamurai was created by Kinjo Oda, successful Tokyo Stock Exchange broker who left the financial business in order to develop this strategy based on samurai code – bushido.

SignalSamurai Strategy

SignalSamurai signals are the result of Kinjo Oda’s life-long experience in financial markets which makes them most precise and reliable binary options signals on the market. Beginners and experts, people with significant funds, and those who start with smaller amounts are all receiving same signals and are using the same signals for binary options trading. That is because Oda has high respect for the samurai Bushido code that determines his lifestyle as well.

SignalSamurai Binary Options Signals

SignalSamurai binary options signals are generated and delivered based on an advanced algorithm developed by Kinjo Oda who dedicated his career to the analysis of market movements and trading on financial markets. The Kinjo Oda’s algorithm is analyzing the market movements in search of trading opportunities. SignalSamurai algorithm can predict movements – big ones and small ones.

SignalSamurai also has three special strategies implemented that are used to analyze market movements. One strategy is activated immediately upon registration.

Shumu SignalSamurai Strategy is the perfect choice for all traders. Kinjo Oda is specialized in the financial market and knows how to determine supply and demand levels. By determining whether a certain asset will be bought or sold, he can easily help traders make the right move and make a profit in binary options trading.

SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP account

Additional Strategies are available with the Apprentice VIP account, for traders who want to know more about binary options signals and financial trading. These two strategies are ideal for traders who want to receive more diversified signals.

Koudo Strategy is utilizing Fibonacci numbers in the integral sequence that are a common occurrence in financial markets but require a lot of skill to be noticed. This very demanding and detailed analysis of financial markets delivers reliable success rates.

Ankyo Strategy follows trends and notices how many trades are placed in a certain direction. Kinjo Oda’s precise statistics is providing highly accurate signals for traders who want to enjoy successful binary options trading.

Aware of the importance of equality and prosperity for everyone, Kinjo Oda wants to give all traders, including you, the same opportunity to become successful in binary options trading, no matter your previous trading experience or financial status.

Bushido Code of SignalSamurai

SignalSamurai is signal service that is based not only on analyzing trends and movements in financial markets, but also on ancient Japanese Bushido code. SignalSamurai takes great pride in being:

  • Righteous – all users of SignalSamurai binary signals software are treated equally, no matter their background or level of knowledge
  • Courageous – SignalSamurai is created as a binary options signal service for people who are willing to participate in binary markets and get control over their finances
  • Benevolent – SignalSamurai uses the power of Kinjo Oda’s knowledge to help traders become successful
  • Respectful – SignalSamurai respects all traders equally
  • Honest – SignalSamurai signals are generated thanks to the knowledge and special systems developed by its creator who made a fortune trading this way
  • Honourable – SignalSamurai is never using scam or unethical practices
  • Loyal – SignalSamurai understands the importance of the binary signals for its users and delivers the best signals on the market that aren’t shared outside this platform

Why is SignalSamurai Free?

SignalSamurai is free binary signals provider and traders never have to pay any additional fees for having signals delivered or for their membership with this service. The main reason why SignalSamurai is free is that Kinjo Oda truly believes in providing everyone with the equal opportunity to participate in financial trading.

SignalSamurai binary signal provider is thanks to this approach, somewhat different than other providers who charge their service. This is Kinjo Oda’s way of giving back to the world that made him so successful.

SignalSamurai doesn’t require any payments and delivers only the best binary brokers on the market, while allowing traders to execute trades immediately, on SignalSamurai platform. This all-in-one solution for binary options trading takes user experience to a whole new level and generates profit for traders of all kinds, beginners and experts alike, which makes it superior to all other binary options signal providers.